Are you ready to be fully alive?
Do you want your relationship or organization to thrive?

There is an exciting new world emerging! A shift is
transforming our lives, our organizations and societies.

Just some of what this change involves:

   Releasing stressful and impossible definitions of
           success to maintaining life affirming ones
   Re-prioritizing where we place our attention and
   'Wakefulness' that leads to clarity of purpose and
   Transcending the never-ending struggle to gain
           more to holding a reverence for what is
   Rising from conformity to living from principles that enable us to tap
           our potential
   Breaking from fear-induced action (or inaction) to highly inspired motion
   Liberation from fighting for what we have to knowing there is enough for everyone
           and celebrating diversity
   Lifting ourselves from surviving consciousness to full-on thriving
   Freedom from control of chaos and conflict to unleashing their creativity
           and possibilities
   Knowing a just, dignified, and balanced world

Welcome to Authentic Power, the path to being fully alive.

When people live, lead and work from their authentic power, they can't help but be
alive. People in their authentic power simply ooze aliveness. When we match who
we are with what we do, we are congruent. All aspects of our self and life are in
alignment... therefore we are truly free.

What are characteristics of an authentic power person, relationship or organization?

   On Purpose
   Aligned with Values
   Committed/Fully In
   Proactive/Accountable for Life
   Naturally Joyful
   Full of Vitality
   Personal Presence
   Contributes to the Well Being of Others

Authentic power means we live and lead from the inside out. Our true self shines in all we do. It values the heart, intuition and spirit in relationship to the mind.

Authentic power is not a quick fix, rather it is a strength of being that is an outgrowth of knowing and staying true to oneself. It is solid, lasting, visionary and dependable. It cannot be taken away.

Authentic power is the highest form of power, grounded in inner knowingness and higher principles. As such, it fosters shared power and naturally leads to the best for all involved. It moves us from power-over to power-with relations.

Authentic power honors the value inherent in every being and the earth. It is compassionate and has a deep reverence for life. Authentic power unleashes people's innate talents.

Authentic power is genuine and real. It is honest and transparent. As such, it is trustworthy. It believes in life and has faith in its processes therefore it is also trusting.

Authentic power knows its ability to respond. It takes ownership for its reality and is proactive in building its destiny. Authentic power uses its influence with consciousness and intention.

Authentic power liberates us to be who we really are. It honors the spectrum of expression within each other and ourselves. It counts on the unique contribution we have each come to make.

Join me in a new understanding of life, brimming with joy and peace.

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People and organizations living, leading and working through their authentic
power are more inspired, focused, fulfilled and alive.
Do you want a partner whose sole purpose & singular focus is to champion YOU?!

As your coach, I am your committed partner and loyal cheerleader. I will work with you to empower you to achieve your greatest aspirations. I will be your personal consultant, someone to champion your dreams and inspire action toward reaching the results you desire.

Coaching is a focused process that ignites potential and enhances effectiveness. My approach is dedicated to establishing lasting, meaningful change. Coaching accelerates your process by providing focus and awareness of choice. It concentrates on where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

Through coaching, you will gain a greater understanding of the wealth of resources available to you as well as practical tools that you can apply in all areas of your life.

I provide objectivity (yet enthusiasm) to help you constantly assess whether your actions are working effectively or not. This consistent feedback allows you to shift your approach and deliberately moves forward with increased satisfaction. With my support, you will clarify values, recognize blocks and achieve results in any area you choose.

A good coach (that's me!) will tell the unvarnished truth, challenge you to expand your thinking, stretch your comfort zone and help you identify resources for furthering your potential.

Tired of mediocrity? Are you stuck? OR... are you simply ready for more?
What is your current reality or experience costing you? It could be costing
you your state of mind, your health, your time, your goals, and your overall
degree and quality of success.

How do you define success? Individuals and organizations consistently
under-achieve, are ineffective at reaching goals, and dissatisfied with their
status quo. Such conditions exist NOT because people are incapable, but
because they:

   Haven't clearly identified what constitutes success
   Stay mired in the 'same old' familiar ways
   Lack strategies that are genuinely tailored to meet their goals and desires
   Are without tools to implement and create actualization of their goals

You can choose to build a foundation from which you know success every day.
You CAN have more. You have the power to create the results you want and know true
success. You can experience fulfillment and achievement beyond what you've known.

You can design your own standards of success and leverage the resources you
need to create results you really want.

Initially, we spend about an hour and a half in the orientation session getting to know each other, co-designing the alliance and the outcomes you want to achieve. Once we identify your primary goals and objectives, we will launch into co-creating a relationship that will transform where you are into where you want to be. We will identify what structure and processes are most supportive for you. In each session, you choose the focus, while I listen and contribute observations, questions, strategies and tools.

Each session is different, based on your wants and needs. I will listen, ask questions to clarify or evoke further information, give you feedback, offer strategies and challenge you. You can expect acknowledgment for your successes, encouragement to move through the obstacles, and perspectives that help you see the bigger picture. I will suggest actions that will most effectively launch you toward your goals.

I offer 1:1 coaching:
   On the telephone (national and international clients welcome)
   In person on Bainbridge Island, Washington (limited openings)*
   As part of my "Be Alive" package

   Email correspondence comes with all...

* Kendra designs unique transformational, empowerment experiences.
In person sessions negotiated individually.


   Make more money
   Set and achieve meaningful goals
   Get clear about what you really want
   Reduce stress
   Improve communication skills and relationships
   Gain more self-confidence
   Stay focused on what's important in your life
   Identify and overcome barriers
   Take effective and deliberate action
   Live and work with more passion, purpose and satisfaction
   Experience greater effectiveness
   Develop meaningful direction
   Achieve breakthrough results

   Manage employee conflicts
   Stay relaxed and in control through crisis or pressure
   Align your choices with your priorities
   See how your values affect your bottom line
   Stay inspired and motivated
   Find out where your time is wasted and how to regain control of your day
   Stop avoiding conflict and confrontation and learn how to use it to
           enhance organizational goals and purpose
   Create vision and common ground

   Empower others
   Manage change
   Communicate more assertively without losing your sense of self
   Take on more leadership roles with self-assurance and confidence
   Reduce daily stress and pressure
   Foster collaboration
I believe we get out of life what we put into it. The same is true of the coaching
relationship. The coaching relationship begins with building a partnership between
coach and client. Together, we empower the relationship to accomplish established
goals within a timeframe. My success is your success. To maintain an effective
working relationship we will establish how to communicate and create an alliance
that will work the best for you.
I operate from several principles:

   Our relationship is co-created and is a collaborative effort
   I believe that you have unlimited potential
   My focus is on your agenda and achievement of success

You know you are ready to work with me when you are:

   Ready to be honest with yourself and permit me to be honest with you
   Committed to your goals and demonstrate this through showing up fully
   Willing to be open-minded and experiment with new approaches
Leaders know that they need to grow and develop people more than ever before. Organizations find that coaching is delivering tremendous results for leaders and managers committed to taking this knowledge and putting it into action.

If you are not developing people, you are wasting your most valuable resource. People are a company's most important asset. Today, a leader's ability to develop people to achieve their full potential is integral to success. In order to empower others to achieve their potential, a smart leader knows they must also develop their own.

Coaching is a powerful way to support your employees and teams to perform at their best. Coaching empowers professionals to clarify their personal and professional values, identify goals and maximize their effectiveness, accountability and ultimately, the success of your organization.
It's really about sticking power. Do you want your training to mean something?
Do you want to actually affect the way employees work together, to grow and
evolve the organizations culture?
Organizations spend millions of dollars on staff development and training but often
the new skills or techniques that are taught are forgotten or unused in a matter of
weeks. What people need is ongoing support to help implement skills and
tools, receive feedback, overcome barriers that surface as a result of
change, and establish new practices that are effective.

When follow up coaching is part of a training package it can:

   Cement learning
   Retain focus
   Insure sustainable results
   Dramatically impact the overall work culture
   Increase accountability