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Fall 2006


I enthusiastically welcome you to the autumn "Spiritalive" message and my new look! What do you think? We all need a periodic makeover to reflect our inner transformations.

Ah, and speaking of transformation.... I return from Nigeria cracked open, emotional and deeply moved after witnessing suffering and injustices occurring for people and mother earth. Despite these realities, or because of them, I remain relentless in my beliefs about human potential and what is possible. I envision a planet restored and people flourishing.

I am driven to serve and contribute to new world paradigms and practices that benefit all. With great fervor, I commit to growing "Spiritalive". Changes are about, evident in this new design. Keep posted for a new look on my website.

In the meantime, I share a few strategies for success, a summary of my time in Nigeria, photos (nature pics taken by yours truly in Yosemite, CA), and more.

We are undeniably interconnected. So, here's to ALL of our success!

In service, Kendra :)

In this issue
  • Idealist back from Nigeria
  • Take Nature's Lead to Greater Ease
  • From Comfort Zone to ALIVE Zone
  • Taking Clients to New Heights
  • Delighting in the Diva RETURNS!

  • Take Nature's Lead to Greater Ease

    What if we found a simpler way?

    An invitation from Meg Wheatley, author of the refreshing book, "A Simpler Way". She declares a simpler way for humans to be in the world--one of greater ease, creativity, flow, and joy. We welcome this way of being by understanding that life creates itself and embracing key underlying principles.

    One principle: "Everything is in a constant process of discovery and creating." Everything is changing all the time. Even change changes.

    What if you were to meet this principle with acceptance? With surrender? What if you leaned into the wisdom of nature? What if you were to let the natural inclination of life to live inform you? What if you were to believe in life's drive to flourish? Would you stop struggling to "figure it out"? Could opportunities open to you more readily? Might you feel more relaxed or energized?

    Autumn is a perfect demonstration of nature's cycle of change. Let nature lead you to greater ease:

    • Go for a walk in nature.
    • Sit and breath, tuning into the natural rhythms of life.
    • Watch leaves dance with air and fall to earth.
    • Observe day to day changes in the environment.
    • Take in the beauty of the colors.
    • Reflect on how change in seasons serve the larger purpose of life.
    • Consider how you could emulate nature's cycle of letting go in your own life.

    From Comfort Zone to ALIVE Zone
    wild women workshops on mountain top

    "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." ~Neale Donald Walsch

    Ready to move from your comfort zone to the ALIVE zone?! Stretching beyond your comfort zone can involve a little shift or a radical leap. Either way, small or big in perception and actual life, it is risky and sometimes down right terrifying.

    Life requires that we change. (Meg Wheatley)

    Before Nigeria this summer, I left my comfort zone for a 5 day "Wild Women Workshop" hiking/camping adventure with my sister in CA. The culmination of the experience was the exhilaration of life pulsing through me as I stood upon a mountain top with my sister and other women (see picture... on top of Mount Hoffman at 10,850 feet).

    And don't even get me started how uncomfortable I was in Nigeria (NOTE: uncomfortable does not mean you aren't centered or void of enjoyment). 6 weeks in an extremely contrasted culture to mine. Chaos, change, uncertainty. Each moment brand new. Each experience ripe with the unexpected.

    Movement from comfort zone to ALIVE zone means trading in ideas of what we think we know about what is possible. In exchange, we get a new, expanded belief system that allows us to yield new results in life.

    An expanded mind can never go back to its original dimensions. Who said that? Einstein? Anyway, it's true! And it is one of the keys to being fully alive. We are meant to flourish.

    Get in the ALIVE zone. A few ways to "try it on":

    1. Do that thing that you have been wanting to do that you have been scared to do. You know what I'm talking about. Just do it.
    2. Shake up your daily routine a bit, even a bit.
    3. Play one of your old favorite songs. Play it loud. Dance around the room. Sing it with expression.
    4. Identify 3 things you've always wanted to do and write them down. Tell someone you trust your plan to get started on one of them.

    Taking Clients to New Heights

    "Everything I wanted is happening!" (client quote)

    My clients achieve what they want! I am proud that time and again, people report that they receive all they set out to accomplish with me and MORE. I am richly rewarded by witnessing my clients become who they desire and succeed in their visions and dreams.

    Help me achieve my purpose by helping you achieve yours!

    Delighting in the Diva RETURNS!

    Two dates left in 2006, October 15 or December 9. Come home to yourself. Re-claim your divine feminine.

    Quotes from participants....

    "THANK YOU ALL - Especially you Kendra! It was a marvelous day with incredible, powerful women! WOW!"

    "I found the Delighting in the Diva playshop to be an incredibly rich, deep, and empowering experience. It held within far more than what I had imagined. You, Kendra~are amazing! You are s p i r i t a l i v e and continue to inspire me to know that I AM....I feel your respect and I see your integrity and I am grateful to have you as a teacher."

    "I want more. MORE! What a delicious, delightful, soulful, soulfulfilling time I had. The transformation was...moving."

    Idealist back from Nigeria
    me with kids on oporoza jetty


    1. A person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals, etc.
    2. A person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are.
    3. ME!

    In the fall of 2005 I responded to a call to be of service on a global scale. Starting as a child, I dreamed of doing international work, and well, since one of the things I do is coach people in following their dreams.... (you know).

    I went to Nigeria through Global Citizen Journey to engage in peace and development efforts in a region with a history of violence and corruption. As a delegate, I wanted to demonstrate my willingness to go beyond the fear, take risks and show up. We must take new, original, bold, out of the box measures to address the needs of human development. This was a start. The irony is that many times these 'bold out of the box' measures are simply things like being present, listening deeply, and honoring all truths.

    Several of us were so taken by the people, culture and issues we immediately began organizing for another visit. In July I went to Nigeria for 6 weeks- later joined by the team-to continue building relationships, be a part of creating a documentary and follow up on projects.

    In coming months I will report on various efforts one by one in more detail. For now, let me provide you a summary of some of the developments.

    • We provided time and financial resources for immediate and ongoing treatment for 3 children with severe health care needs.
    • We secured a partnership agreement with a community bank to provide micro-lending for 40-60 women to receive loans for business development in the next 2 years.
    • We interviewed and captured footage of stakeholders. i.e. women and children, villagers, youth groups, oil executives, traditional leaders, militants, government reps, and more.
    • I took over 3,000 photographs.
    • We engaged in several high power meetings that led to a proposal for peaceful resolution to issues.
    • We created the "First Things First" Proposal framing the immediate needs and urgent issues in the Delta, appealing for international attention and action.
    • Sandy (director) was interviewed live in Nigeria by KUOW.
    • We initiated communication with senators and other influential parties as part of our commitment to gain international support.
    • We provided financial resources to begin scholarship funds for education for children in Oporoza.
    • We interviewed a man with a disability that is receiving an education scholarship from Tammi.
    • We met with teachers to continue supporting their educational development.
    • We met with representatives from a tribal community that Global Citizen Journey plans to create a project with in 2007.

    This list doesn't capture the heart and spirits of the people and the real connections we grew. Sustainable change includes opening our hearts and creating lasting relationships.

    I am forever grateful for the amazing opportunities gifted to me through this service. This is true service. To give of myself, simply stating through action, "I want a better life for you and all I have is me", and feeling nourished through the exchange.

    Learn more about my journey at my blog...
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