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January 2007


The new year can bring freshness, a blank canvas to paint upon, a promise of hope and new beginnings.

My vision for the year includes joy, prosperity and health for myself and you. It includes a shift in our world, one that ensures increased balance, justice and dignity for all.

May your vision for 2007 become crystal clear, and may all you desire come to be. May this year be a time of evolution for us, one we can look back on knowing something caught on, a way of being that allows greater sustainability and flourishment for all beings.

In service,

Kendra :)

"A solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." ~Maya Angelou

In This Issue
  • Watch ABC World News and Nightline THIS Monday!
  • A Fill in the Blank Year
  • A Fresh Start on Old Habits

  • A Fill in the Blank Year
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    "Put your future in good hands-your own." ~Mark Victor Hansen

    Our usual celebratory greeting is "Happy New Year"!What kind of year do you want to have?

    YOU fill in the blank. Pick a quality, a theme.

    Be the creator of your destiny.

    A Fresh Start on Old Habits

    Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. ~Author Unknown

    I am an optimist to the max. I believe in potential and possibility.

    But let's get real.

    New Year's Resolutions rarely work. We're inspired to do that thing we've been wanting to do and then "life happens" and it dissolves into the background.

    Why don't they work? Many reasons. Two of them:

    1) People don't really make necessary changes to incorporate their "new habits" into daily life.

    2) People "slip" into their old habits, beat themselves up, become discouraged and ultimately give up. It is easier to give up than to feel bad for not doing what you want.

    I propose we do without New Year Resolutions. Instead, let's "try on" creating a way of being that naturally leads to the outcomes we desire. Each year we can renew our vision and purpose, set goals, and move forward....knowing we have a foundation beneath us and the wisdom within to acheive what we desire.

    Tips for making what you want happen:

    • Make a firm decision. To resolve is to decide.
    • Get real about what changes you need to make.
    • Gather resources and support. Who can be a champion to your mission?
    • Be compassionate with yourself. We all slip. Breath and try again.
    • Take action. Just do something, even if it's 5 minutes a day, toward your new goal.
    • Remind yourself why this is important to you. Keep inspired. Why is this important? What is the purpose?

    Watch ABC World News and Nightline THIS Monday!
    nigerian woman in pink creating fish net

    Sandy's on camera interview with ABC and Sweet Crude footage and are supposed to air this coming Monday, January 8th, on World News (5:30 pm PST) and Nightline (11:30 PST).

    While Sweet Crude director, Sandy, has spent considerable energy impressing on ABC the importance of exploring/understanding the subtleties and complexities in order to report accurately, we have no way of knowing what they will air or how they will position it. They have used other sources in addition to Sandy and the Sweet Crude footage – sources that we know to be inaccurate on some fronts, perhaps dangerously so.

    While we’re very excited about the broadcasts, we’re also concerned and are hoping for the best.

    Sweet Crude Website
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