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March 2007


Here's to an inspired March.....

Joyfully, Kendra :)

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  • Hooked on Feeling BAD?!
  • Inspiration Infusions
  • Diva Returns

  • Hooked on Feeling BAD?!
    woman looking anxious


    Yes, I'm serious.

    In my change work, most people come to the realization that their choices and actions, to some degree or another, lead them away from their true, joyful, happy nature. In other words, something that we do contributes to feeling bad.

    So, are we hooked on feeling bad?

    In part, yes.

    We are inundated with messages, stories, paradigms and images that reinforce feeling bad.


    That is so old story.

    The good news is that same part of you that created habits that lead to feeling bad can be utilized to feel good. You have choice! First, you have to decide that you are ready.

    It's time.... KICK the feeling bad habit and open your world to a new way of living!

    Inspiration Infusions
    plant sprouting from earth

    What inspires you?

    Keep the "feeling bad" trance at bay by infusing your life with inspiration!

    When creating new habits and ways of being that bring out your best and help you live at your optimum, you need to INFUSE your life with inspiration. Structure it into your life. Insert it into your days.

    Take time to identify a few ways you feel inspired and purposefully take time to make them part of your life.

    For instance, nature inspires me. It demonstrates over and again the will to live, the innate power of purpose, and sheer beauty. Spring is slowly emerging, and signs of new life are popping forward. I walk in nature. I feel the awakening. I see the buds forming. I hear the birds chirping.

    Inspiration Infusions:

    • Collect and read quotes
    • Read and/or watch stories of people who transcend circumstances, stories of triumph
    • Consistently connect with people that keep you focused and inspired
    • Identify what you are passionate about and DO it
    • Listen to inspirational music
    • Discover and remind yourself of your purpose

    Diva Returns
    divine laughter

    Do you want to know how


    it can get?!

    Every moment

    of your


    including this one,


    a FRESH


    -B.J Marshal

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