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February 2007


I am SO excited.

One of my 2007 visions is already real.

I am walking with 14 women during a year long journey I developed, "Joy, Vitality, Success" and I love it! I am blessed with amazing clients.

And in one month, I will have a new website LIVE!

Manifesting what we want is not as hard as we make it, not as distant as we think. This monthly newsletter will give you strategies for success. Success on your terms. I'm succeeding on my terms. Manifesting what I want at the deepest level is one of my definitions of success.

What's yours?

Joyfully, Kendra :)

In This Issue
  • Love Wisdom
  • Every Rising Sun
  • Will the REAL Love Please Stand Up?

  • Every Rising Sun
    Sunrise with dew drop

    "With every rising of the sun, think of your life as just begun."


    Every day is new. OK, I'm highlighting the obvious. But sometimes we take things for granted. The obvious becomes so embedded in our routine that we lack consideration for its meaning or gift.

    I speak to the obvious with the intention of igniting the wisdom in every day for you. Every day does provide a whole new lens into experience. Each sunrise is a demarcation of another beginning.

    Really. Your past does not determine your future. Yesterday is not the sole indicator of what is possible.

    Your choice to rise with the sun does and is.

    What will you begin today?

    Will the REAL Love Please Stand Up?
    yellow rose



    Don't get me wrong.

    I'm a huge romantic.

    But will the REAL love please stand up?

    This is how I see it. These rituals can become void of meaning in a society that trains us to:

    1. Count on outward affirmations to know our wholeness
    2. Attach our selves to ideas of what love is

    Too often people confuse their love for a false sense of wholeness they derive from being in relationship.

    In both scenario's, wholeness is contingent upon someone else's actions and our attachment to our ideas about love brings us up short. You canít place responsibility for your happiness on another person. Well, you can, but you will never really be happy.

    What is attachment?

    According to Anthony DeMello, it's "an emotional state of clinging caused by the belief that without some particular thing or some person you cannot be happy."

    What do I mean by real love, then?

    I once read, the purpose of relationship is not to have another person complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.

    To accept yourself as you are. To care for yourself in a manner that ensures you live your values. To know the joy* that comes from following your bliss and staying connected to self and your higher power (Spirit, universe, God, Goddess). To naturally radiate out the purest intentions of goodness to any and all beings. To stand in the fire with another in the midst of challenges and remember the greater purpose that brought you together. To not pass judgment on others and instead trust in the best being revealed. To peel away the illusion of who you think someone is, your attachment to ideas and let the truth of what is be.

    *JOY is a state of being, not a feeling.

    Love Wisdom
    Nigerian Woman Reflecting on Water

    When I pursued my dream to engage in global service, I was listening to my heart. Inner stirrings, callings, longings for more...are, in part, signals from our heart.

    I followed what I loved. I did not know how the resources would come about to make it happen. Love Wisdom #1:

    • Follow what you love and the how will be revealed

    I followed what I loved. I did not know what fears may merit attention. Love Wisdom #2:

    • Follow what you love and you will transcend fear

    I followed what I loved. I did not know I would unleash a new passion. I discovered a dimension of life and relationship in capturing story and essence through photography. Love Wisdom #3:

    • Follow what you love and new passions will be unleashed

    Love is wise. Listen to the love that stirs within you and let it guide you to a greater knowing of yourself and life.

    ________________________ Let yourself

    be silently


    by the strange

    pull of what

    you REALLY




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