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November 2006


I love this time of year. Nature models changingone form to another with beauty, ease and grace. The colors brilliant and poignant, they teach me how to appreciate the moment-alas this season lives a short time.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I know that you have a full life, and I commit to providing you a newsletter and services that add value to your time. I aim to inspire and prompt action.

Be well and ALIVE!

In service, Kendra :)

In this issue
  • Willing to Show Up
  • Letting Go
  • NEW! Joy, Vitality and Success in 2007
  • Release Your Imagination
  • Giving Thanks

  • Letting Go
    Autumn Leaves

    Letting go is essential for being fully alive. Attachment to relationships, ideas, stories of self, experiences; their grip prevent new life from flowing through, for creativity and optimum potential to flourish.

    “The tighter you squeeze, the less you have.” -Zen Saying

    In "Transitions", William Bridges speaks to transformation and the cycle of life. "...the eggshell cracks, the branch blossoms, the tadpole's tail shrinks away, the leaf falls, the bird molts, the hibernation begins. With us it is the same. They are key times in the natural process of self-renewal."

    • What no longer serves you?
    • What beliefs do you need to let go of?
    • What outdated self image needs to fall away?
    • What relationship do you feel incomplete about that you could choose to be at peace with?

    NEW! Joy, Vitality and Success in 2007
    reach the sky

    Are you ready for the next level?

    Are you ready to say YES to what is alive?

    Do you want to live and lead from your authentic power?

    WOMEN.... (Men, 1:1 sessions available on a limited basis)

    I have an invitation for you. It’s more than a program. It’s a way of being. In 2007, I will walk closely with up to 10 women in a profound year of discovery, declaration and manifestation! In January we will delve into a rich journey guaranteed to transform, provide greater awareness of what is possible for you, increase confidence to live from your core, cultivate personal mastery, and much, much more.

    You Will Increase:

    • Energy
    • Happiness
    • Ease
    • Prosperity
    • Health
    • Fulfillment

    This journey will cultivate a new way of being, aligning you with your highest ideals and visions. To truly live and lead the life you desire, you need to do more than “break habits” and “set goals”, you need to foster inner clarity and knowingness while creating sustainable practices that ensure you stay true to yourself, even in the midst of the chaos and cycles of change intrinsic to life.

    My Offer:

    • Monthly 1:1 coaching
    • Quarterly group teleclasses
    • Email correspondence
    • 2 Sweatlodges
    • 1 year-end celebration teleclass with group
    • My unwavering support and resilient Spirit


    This is a power-packed offer for those ready to live full out. This is it. It is time. What are you going to do with your wild and precious life?!

    Release Your Imagination

    The other day I was at a park with my friends bright little baby, discovering and playing in the new world. Children were running around laughing; many created games they "made up". One girl exclaimed, "The giant crab is chasing us!"

    People come to me to create a life of their dreams. Some seek my guidance in discovering and expanding their vision of what is possible for them. In our process, frequently clients become stuck or limited in their ability to vision or to create images of what they want for their future.

    As adults, many of us have lost our natural ability to imagine. This tool is not fostered in our society, and opportunities to dream, imagine, create, invent and expand are halted. As a result, many people live a life that stay within bounds of a reality created on limited imagination.

    Imagination is an ability to form mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses. It is a form of intelligence, an awareness, "mind power".

    If you want to live into your potential and optimum existence, you must be willing to unleash your imagination. Like the child running from the giant crab, we all carry stories and images in our mind. What about only letting ones in that serve your highest good? What do you want to "make up"?

    A Couple Ideas:

    • Read a fantasy book
    • Paint a picture
    • Use relaxation techniques (need to relax to unlock imagination)
    • Buy a guided visualization CD (& listen to it!)
    • Hire me as your coach

    Be patient with yourself. If nothing comes to you, lean into the unknown and let the void just be as it is. Over time, your imagination capacities will grow.... as long as you make time for it.

    Giving Thanks
    giving thanks

    Thanksgiving is approaching. Why wait?

    Give thanks today. Give thanks every day.

    I take time each day to reflect on what I am grateful for.

    We have so much to give thanks for. Really, we are among the most priviledged on this planet.

    Try it. What we pay attention to grows. Believe me, your life will become richer through giving thanks.

    Willing to Show Up
    Elder Couple on Boat with Gas Flare

    Photo taken by me in Oporoza. Gas Flare in the background.

    You now know I followed my passion for global change and returned to Nigeria in July for 6 weeks to help capture footage for the documentary Sweet Crude to tell the story of the people in the Niger Delta.

    While there, this project became much more than a movie. We engaged in humanitarian efforts, from educational scholarships to health care for children to micro-lending for women. This article highlights a different dimension of the experience--the unrest, corruption and what is being done about it.

    The situation in the Delta is quite volatile. Nonviolent solutions have been tried for years-from protests to summit meetings - but in the end, neither the oil companies nor the government have lived up to their agreements.

    The people are suffering. They lack the most basic necessities (water, sanitation, health care, roads), while billions of dollars worth of oil is pumped out from beneath their feet. The waterways have been militarized by the government.

    The resistance--Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND)--is extremely well armed, well organized, well numbered-increasingly frustrated and increasingly supported by the people of the Delta. We had unprecedented access to MEND militants and returned home with a keen understanding of the complexity of this region. Adding to the volatility is recent splintering of the resistance factions, some much more willing to move to violence than others.

    Some of our group participated in a series of meetings about what it would take for MEND to stand down and come to the table rather than carry out violent activity that would sabotage their purpose (to leverage better qualitylives). We threw together a document reflecting what we heard on the ground that the international community should be paying attention to-and calling for third-party monitored peace talks. It was all quite surreal.

    There is an opportunity to address a situation before it blows up into war. But as typically happens in Africa, no one is being proactive. We were asked to use what power we have as Americans, film makers and witnesses to bring the urgency of this story to light. Most stakeholders are willing to come to the table - but it will take third-party intervention to make any peace agreements stick. A group of us are working on several fronts to help this happen.

    The film is swinging into post-production. The team now includes a post-production supervisor, editor, art director and sound designer, as well as some pretty incredible people who are lending their expertise and connections in areas like funding, festivals, distribution, music and just general advice.

    This is an amazing journey of risk, courage and service. A group of us traversed in territory wrought with fear and corruption, willing to show up in service to awareness and change. There is not one of us that has not be transformed from this work.

    Consider helping. Resources in the form of connections and finances are especially welcome. [For the truly inspired, donate $500 and get your name on the movie credits!] This is a grass roots effort, and you're energy and time makes a difference... even if it's simply passing this along.

    Sweet Crude director Sandy Cioffi was interviewed by National Public Radio, which aired nationwide on Monday, October 30!! It's on their most listened to show, Marketplace. Listen to the broadcast online:

    NPR Interview (go to browse on RIGHT, click on Oct. 30 & then "Nigeria's Oil Curse")
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