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December 2006


December winter brings us to the heart of darkness and the end of another year. To be at peace and truly happy, I find that honoring what is (versus complaining, controlling or resisting) is key.

Included are suggestions to enhance and enrich this time in your life.


Kendra :)

In this issue
  • Sweet Crude Update
  • Evaluate and Celebrate 2006
  • Stillness Leads to Happiness
  • Power Path for Women 2007

  • Evaluate and Celebrate 2006
    tree in winter

    As 2006 comes to a close, write and celebrate a list of:

    1. Accomplishments

    • What did you acheive this year?
    • What did you do that you feel good about?
    • What events and/or milestones occured?

    2. Lessons

    • What have you learned?
    • What did challenges you faced teach you?
    • What lessons will you take with you into the future?

    3. Gratitudes

    • What and who are you grateful for?
    • What obstacles, losses or grievances could you give thanks for?
    • What is the most difficult experience you had that you could hold with gratitude?

    Stillness Leads to Happiness

    As a person who experienced a fare share of worry and anxiety, I understand Eckhart Tolle's claim. Stillness has certainly saved and transformed my world.

    I believe happiness is our birthright. We are trained to believe otherwise. Stress, overwhelm and struggle are symptoms of a society bought into a paradigm that removes us from happiness.

    Through stillness we rid ourselves of untruths.

    Through stillness we experience acceptance.

    Through stillness we know peace.

    Through stillness we are reunited with happiness.

    "It is the stillness that will save and transform the world." ~Eckhart Tolle

    Power Path for Women 2007

    Choose a New World!

    • Happiness
    • Vitality
    • Fulfillment
    • Ease
    • Prosperity

    Create New Paradigms!

    • Know the Sacred Life
    • Say Yes to What is Alive
    • Live in Gratitude
    • Follow the Path of Least Resistance

    Only 2 Spaces Left!

    Sweet Crude Update

    Here is a brief highlight of exciting developments regarding Sweet Crude, the documentary capturing the story of the Niger Delta.

    • An entrepreneur and investor, Menno van Wyk, invested remaining funds to produce the film
    • Sandy, Tammi and Ryan are in Nigeria right now interviewing and obtaining more footage
    • ABC decided to do a special after interviewing Sandy in New York and is sending a reporter to Nigeria

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