Kendra, creator of SpiritAlive, is a visionary devoted to
contribute significantly to the greatness of humanity.
Believing in life and possibility, she envisions a
world restored and flourishing.

Skilled and spirited, Kendra is
known for her clarity and
. She is
masterful at
creating the
conditions for people to
get out of their comfort
zones and into their true

Kendra is on the cutting edge of                                                                                        spiritual thought and practice. People                                                                                 say she is 'wise beyond her years' and is                                                                            sought out for her content rich writing, insights                                                                         and intuitive guidance. She considers herself a                                                                    human being simply doing her best to walk a path of
authenticity and integrity while making a difference.

Kendra is committed to personal and
spiritual development
as the best avenue
to serve and enable others. Her practice is grounded in over 16 years of applied study in health, healing, yoga, meditation, ceremony, and music. When diagnosed with Epilepsy in her early 20's, she committed to living as fully as possible, devouring information and experiences to transcend limitations associated with living with 'illness', using her diagnosis as a wake up call and opportunity. As such, she is well versed in what it takes for people to live at their optimum and be alive!

Through her travels, personal and spiritual journeys - such as her 6-day
solo Vision Quest in Baja California, Mexico in 2003 - she has gained a keen understanding of key life principles and practices that lead to a purposeful, authentic and joyful life.
                                                                                                                    A calling took her to Nigeria, Africa in November 2005 and July 2006, where she engaged in humanitarian service. The 2006 trip involved capturing footage and photographs for the documentary 'Sweet Crude' to raise awareness and create change in the Niger Delta. These journey's reinforced her resolve for creating the conditions and opportunities for transformation in service to eradicate unnecessary suffering and re-align ourselves with a way of being that ensures more and more people thrive.  To learn more about Kendra's work in Africa and the 'Sweet Crude' Documentary click here...
Kendra received her Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), which provided a strong foundation in human behavior, individual and leadership development, coaching, organizational systems, interpersonal communication and group dynamics. LIOS's highly experiential curriculum reinforced her philosophy of using 'self' in becoming the best practitioner possible.

Kendra has served as a leader for community and professional organizations, including the Women's Business Exchange and Woman's Way Red Lodge.

She has served as President of the Puget Sound Coaches Association (PSCA). PSCA is a Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which represents and supports excellence in professional coaching worldwide.

Her background includes working with people with disabilities for over 10 years as a coach and trainer in advocacy and residential organizations. She's successfully designed and delivered training curriculum to trainers and presented to hundreds of people state and nationwide on topics such as leveraging their power and self-determination.

It's been said that Kendra truly embodies her work and IS Spirit Alive!

While Kendra's breadth of training and skills provide a variety of focus areas all geared toward increasing and developing potential and success (i.e. leadership development, conflict management) her current passions are women's empowerment and the Law of Attraction