One-on-one coaching
   For Individuals
   For Organizations

Year-Long Coaching and Group Tele-Seminars

Training with Follow-up Coaching
Workshops/Playshops, Trainings & Presentations
Mediation/Conflict Transformation
Sweat Lodges

Kendra's breadth of training and skills provide a
variety of focus areas all geared toward increasing
and developing potential and success. The areas of
expertise listed will be tailored to meet your desired
goals and outcomes, whether you are working with
Kendra 1 on 1, in a group or in an organization. Topics
can include training with extended coaching for skill
development and implementation:
   Leadership Development
   Conflict Management
   Personal and Organizational Transformation
   Interpersonal Communication
   Giving and Receiving Feedback
   Overcoming Obstacles
   Employee Satisfaction and Performance
   Personal and Professional Success
   Bringing Spirit to Life

Fees are determined based on client need and goals and are agreed upon after the desired outcomes are clearly identified. Fees are paid monthly on or before the first of the month. To insure the maximum effectiveness a 6 month coaching contract is required. For more information about fees and rates, contact me.