Men and Women are both wowed by the
quality and value of SpiritAlive services:


Everything I want is happening!
I want more. MORE! What a delicious, delightful,
soulful, soulfulfilling time I had. I have done other
workshops where I knew I was transforming. This one
was sweeter. Sweet. Empowering. Powerful. Feminine!
I have great gratitude for what I received. I feel as though
there are not words enough to describe my gratitude for what
I got from the experience YOU created. I was amazed and in awe!
When I grow up, I wanna be like you!
Kendra is a natural leader and facilitator. She is a vivacious, creative, beautiful, compassionate, collaborative, creative, and a boon to any project or community. She can be vulnerable at times, which displays her humanness, and cannot always see her skills and gifts. Both those could be considered assets. Having been privy to her in leadership context, she is exceptional and gifted.
When you are with people, you are truly present. You ask questions that speak to your presence and help people find clarity.
A great listener and facilitator of clear thinking and conflict resolution.
I found the Delighting in the Diva playshop to be an incredibly rich, deep, and empowering experience. It held within far more than what I had imagined. You, Kendra~ are amazing! You are SpiritAlive and continue to inspire me to know that I AM... I feel your respect and I see your integrity and I am grateful to have you as a teacher.
Kendra is articulate, wise and weighs her words well. She is a remarkable communicator and she listens extremely well. She is humble and deeply wise.
I am a better person for having known Kendra and opening up to her with my deepest fears and struggles. She has helped me to get in touch with the stronger and more authentic parts of myself. She doesn't give up on people.


Kendra is a diamond. Every woman that has a pulse should at least take her one-day seminar (Delighting in the Diva). You will grow!
I wanted to let a few days pass to allow me to bring the full force of reverence to my expression of gratitude to you and the SpiritAlive team for the superb job done in facilitating the retreat. As big as the Museum of Flight is Kendra, you filled the entire building with the energy, vibrance and divine light that lives so powerfully within you. Your spirit brought staff fully alive and helped them live in the full wonder of the moments during the retreat. By bringing their minds, bodies and hearts fully alive you stirred their souls to new levels of connecting and being with one another.
Your efforts exceeded my expectations and surpassed my imagination of how well the retreat could turn out for everyone. Even the most hardened cynics are asking that we hold a follow-up to the retreat. The genius of your instincts served staff well and I respect you so much for putting so much of yourself out there to ensure success for the collective.
I am amazed by the feedback, especially be the skeptics. There is a shift in the whole office in terms of working together. It's amazing; I didn't expect to see such an immediate positive result. It caused us to gel. People are making an effort to engage with others.
Kendra immediately took inventory and lent me her most amazingly insightful perceptions and awareness. To wit, I have literally, within a year's time, been able to rise to the top of my field in many regards such as performing the guitar to key crowds, three DVDs including one DVD Video; two CDs with my new partner and many concert tours and spots which have brought us an extreme amount of notoriety and future business, including covers and featured stories in 'Acoustic Player Magazine'; 'Fingerstyle Guitar' magazine and other foreign publications. We are negotiating for Asian tours and are basically enjoying something that all along I possessed, and yet hadn't been able to realize until meeting with Kendra!! Need I say more? I would most highly recommend Kendra and her apt methodologies regarding the putting together of one's life and career!!! I can't even imagine how she could be more successful in achieving her objective, which is in helping and guiding you to realize your own. I also find Kendra to be very easy going and fun to talk to, and she possesses the rare trait of never being judgemental in regard to your situation... Thank YOU Kendra, with ALL my heart!!