To inspire and guide people to be fully alive.

"To live fully and deliver the highest
standards of quality and professionalism,
I use principles to guide my life and
business. I am committed to living and
practicing the following values."



My vision is for people to... Awaken to the bounty of life and live in joy. Honor and regard ourselves and one another. Design lives that reflect our values and authentic self. Harness the power and teachings of change, chaos and conflict. Communicate and express with respect, honesty and transparency. Lead ourselves and each other with integrity. Choose and practice ways that recognize the interconnectedness we share with one another and the earth. Take action based on higher principles. Work on purpose and feel fulfilled by doing what we do best. Walk our talk and establish trusting and dependable ways. Be liberated to be who we truly are. Value life and serve it. Act from our inner wisdom and connection to a divine universal force, Spirit or higher power. Welcome and respect diversity and difference. Harmonize with our common humanity. Live with awareness and conscious choice. Open to a new paradigm that includes enough for everyone. Be ignited by the dynamic creative force accessible in each moment. Discover health, vitality and longevity. Transcend surviving and ensure thriving. Claim and live from authentic and shared power. Listen with compassion and seek holistic understanding. Generate expansive vision grounded in common good. Tap into unlimited potential. Value learning. Invest and build with the desire for sustainable, solid futures. Honor all cycles of life. Know peace. Give thanks and share in gratitude.
...and have fun.