SpiritAlive provides power packed ways for you to gain insights,                         experiences and tools that you need to live, communicate and lead                         fully. Kendra is known for her masterful facilitation; she                                        offers rich, meaningful experiences that transform, awaken,                                    and take you to the next level of yes and action.
In addition to dynamic workshops, courses and trainings-conflict
mediation, retreats and sweat lodges are available.

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offerings available through SpiritAlive...

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   "New Wealth Consciousness For The Soul Rich Woman"

Starts October!

Awaken The Divine Within For Profit, Peace & Prosperity



   Accelerated Manifesting

Attract more money & prosperity now!


   Feeling Good!

A 30 Day Immersion Experience to practice and live manifesting mastery.


   Crossing the Threshold of the Soul

Dissolve the gap between your soul and daily life. Live into

natural joy, peace and freedom. Stay tuned in 2010....


   GRATITUDE: 30 Days of Manifesting on Purpose

Join me for 30 days and I will show you how to act on the most powerful tool

available to you right now.  In just minutes a day, you will uncover potent

and effective knowledge that masterful manifestors are already using. Start now...



A Deep Journey of Honor and Release
Bainbridge Island, WA                                                                  November 2010

A retreat weekend for men and women to honor and express grief.
There are few places where we can bring our grief in this society.
Whether a personal loss or the global losses you may connect to,
this sacred work - based on Native and West African traditions -
offers potent healing for wholeness. We invite you to know the
aliveness that comes from expressing the truth of who you are
in the midst of grief. 

Co-facilitated with Therese Charvet of Sacred Groves.

Kendra is a dynamic presenter. Weaving her creative and sometimes
zany insights with experiential activity to engage audiences, Kendra
inspires change and action. Presentations and trainings can be designed
and tailored for your group.

   Leadership Development
   Conflict Management
   Personal and Organizational Transformation
   Interpersonal Communication
   Giving and Receiving Feedback
   Overcoming Obstacles
   Employee Satisfaction and Performance
   Personal and Professional Success
   Bringing Spirit to Life


Conflict is one of the most misunderstood, avoided and underused assets. Truly, when utilized to its fullest, it can take relationships and groups to another level. Kendra's facilitation skills can help mediate a situation where people are not hearing one another, stuck and/or are down right being messy. Comfortable with chaos and conflict, she can support people to 'tease out' what is really happening and unleash the potential of the situation.

If you are simply seeking more tools in conflict, workshops and presentations are available. Harnessing the power of conflict requires a new lens on its purpose, skills in staying aware and present, and more. Learn how claiming a new paradigm of conflict can enhance your relationship(s) or group AND save you time and money (unaddressed conflict is extremely costly).

Kendra's skills for creating a sacred container and experience are a perfect way to enrich your organizations retreat. A time to clarify, renew, inspire and focus, SpiritAlive custom retreats will restore and/or take your group to the next level.
Sweat Lodge is a potent purification ceremony. Kendra has been mentored in and leading this sacred ceremony since 1995. Sweat lodge is a way to let go of what no longer serves you, clear the way, envision what you desire, and put in motion a manifestation process that aligns with your true self. Secure a date for you and/or your group or learn about current scheduled lodges.















30 Days of Manifesting on Purpose